OSHA Posters

Which posters does your company require to post for employee safety and OSHA compliance?

Some of the statutes and regulations enforced by agencies within the Department of Labor (OSHA) require that specific posters or notices be posted in your workplace.

All employers and workplaces are subject to random OSHA compliance inspections!

In the USA, all covered employers are required to display and keep displayed, a poster prepared by the Department of Labor informing employees of the protections of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.  The poster must be displayed in a conspicuous place where employees and applicants for employment can see it.  Such notice shall be posted by the employer in each establishment in a conspicuous place or places where notices to employees are customarily posted.  Each employer shall take steps to insure that such notices are not altered, defaced, or covered by other material.

Federal Labor Laws Poster OSHA poster OSHA Poster

Each state also has specific labor law posters that should be posted in the workplace.

(Some examples below, all 50 state posters are available)

Arizona Labor Law Poster Colorado Labor Law Poster California Labor Law Poster
Texas Labor Law Poster Washington Labor Law Poster Oregon Labor Law Poster
New York Labor Law Poster Florida Labor Law Poster Your state here…




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